Happy summer!

Wunsch is now on summer holidays - after a busy Spring with exciting commissions and new initiatives. This Spring we moved to a new location on Galionsvej on Holmen. From here, Thomas Kjær also represents Pearlfisher Copenhagen together with the others in this office. Wunsch has again been involved in the Creative Circle Award within packaging design. And Emily Ngo from Hong Kong has been working as an intern here to give Wunsch another international perspective. We will soon be back with new initiatives, and above all - loads of new energy! Have a great summer!

Wunsch in Novum

Wunsch has been given a prominent place in Novum, the monthly magazine of graphic design, featuring the best in contemporary graphic design, illustration, photo design, the new media, corporate design, advertising and typography.  In the March edition, Novum takes a closer look at all kinds of mouthwatering designs, including some of the packaging design work carried out by Wunsch. At Wunsch, we are proud and happy to be able to contribute to this outstanding german design magazine, that has been around since 1924.

Wunsch wins a Creative Circle Award

It´s been a fantastic year for Wunsch. Friday night, Wunsch won the Creative Circle Award in the food packaging design category. The winning projects was a new triangular packaging design for Bolcheriet, launched during the summer 2014. The event, which took place in Vega in Copenhagen, was attended by more than 1000 friends and colleges from the design, digital and advertising business.

Wunsch gets Creative Circle Award 2015 nomination

Packaging design for Bolcheriet Candy Boxes has been nominated for a Creative Circle Award in the food packaging design category. The Creative Circle Award will be handed out to the lucky winner at a big awardshow, that will take place Friday 8th of May.

Koldbryg launch at Roskilde Festival

One of recent design projects, carried out by Wunsch, is the Koldbryg (Cold Brewed) coffee by Peter Larsen Kaffe. The cold brew method is new in the Danish market, and Peter Larsen Kaffe has great confidence in the product. Young people in particular are expected to be the biggest supporters. Therefore, the product is given its test debut in a replete Rosklide Festival. It seems to be the perfect occasion.

Koldbryg is designet in collaboration with envision for Peter Larsen Kaffe.

Irma in a redesigned version

A new packaging for Irma Edamame beans is the first tangible result of a new partnership between Irma, Republica and Wunsch. The packaging focuses more strongly on Irma, its core values and Irma’s familiar logo, the Irma girl, which will be used more consistently in future than it is today.

The strong product stories for which Irma is renowned will play a more visible role on future packaging where they will become an integral part of the product name on the front. The design has been simplified. Colours and images are new and the Futura font that has accompanied Irma for a number of years will be replaced by a Danish designed typography ID00, rendering Irma more Danish than ever before.

Wunsch and Yogamood in Monocle

Wunsch and Yogamood have been given a prominent place in Monocle, the global magazine on international affairs, culture and design. Monocle’s April edition features Yogamood’s characteristic aromatherapy oil in the magazine’s Style Directory. As a company launching a new product series onto the market, Yogamood can hardly wish for better exposure to global lifestyle readers.

147 metres of cream puffs

If you didn´t notice the 20m tall cream puff billboard from Spangsberg a couple of weeks ago, you had a new chance to admire the delicious range of cream puffs last week at one of the most visited squares in Copenhagen, Kgs. Nytorv. A row consisting of 40 cream puffs, each 1,5 metres tall, made every passers both surprised and hungry. The advert was commisioned by Spangsberg Chocolate.

Fancy a cream puff?

Everyone heading north out of Copenhagen this week will notice a huge billboard featuring a white cream puff. The billboard is 20m tall, making it the biggest effort yet, quite literally, by Wunsch. The advert is commisioned by Spangsberg Chocolate and it will be followed by an even bigger outdoor advert.

Yogamood published in New Plane magazine

The packaging design for Yogamood Aromatherapy oils recently appeared in the Chinese magazine, New Plane, from publishers borchdesign. The currrent edition focuses on packaging design, and in addition to Yogamood, features several packaging concepts for health&beauty products, cosmetics and foods.

Summer at Wunsch

Wunsch will be celebrating summer from Monday 8th until Friday 27th of July. We wish you all a nice and varm summer. Enjoy your family and friends; relax; eat good food; try something new! We look forward to see you on the other side.

Imperfect exhibition at ECO-B expo in Kuala Lumpur

Today the Kuala Lumpur 3X team and partners of Wunsch opened the I’MPERFECT exhibition at the annual ECO-B exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founding partner Eddy Yu from Hong Kong had been invited by the organizers to hold a lecture about the I’MPERFECT movement our design for social innovation commitment. Eddy presented the social innovation projects and launched the newest IMPERFECT project in collaboration with Orna Paper.

Wunsch gets Creative Circle Award nomination

Packaging design for Yogamood Body Oils has been nominated for a Creative Circle Award 2013 in the category Non-food packaging design. The Creative Circle Award will be handed out at a great awardshow, that will take place Friday 3rd May.

Thomas Kjær interviewed by AGI

Read all about efficient packaging design in AGI issue no. 6/2012.

Yogamood handmade aromatherapeutic oils available now

A new range of body oils, designed by Wunsch, is on the street now. The range consists of 3 different oils. Each has its own characteristics and application and can be used separately. When all three oils are placed in a row, the product names A (Activate), U (Unify) and M (Meditate) form the word AUM, a well-known term in yoga philosophy. The oils can now be ordered from Yogamood: