Your daily tea ceremony

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Emeyu is a Danish tea company, focusing on organic and high-quality tea wrapped in equally high-quality and sustainable packaging. Everything the company does depends on conscious decisions that are respectful of the nature around us.

Together with Wunsch, Emeyu has spent the last year identifying the most sustainable types of tea packaging that would not compromise taste nor design. Tea bags are made of pure, biodegradable cotton, tea foils are biodegradable, and canisters are made of recycled paper. And a little extra feature has been added – making it easy to ‘stick’ to the ritual. A wooden stick prevents the tea tag from slipping into the steaming hot tea.

The concept behind Emeyu is all about small moments. Moments to enjoy, moments to care and moments to keep. Making a cup of tea creates a calm and precious moment.The white and simple design itself creates a calm impression. It takes inspiration from both Japanese and Nordic design traditions, by using natural materials and oak tree only.




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