Cool, Nordic cherry wine

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Frederiksdal Kirsebærvin’s story is quite extraordinary. It is the story of three men who met by chance and then decided to produce great cherry wines on the Danish island of Lolland.

A worthy alternative

Grapes are difficult to grow in cool Denmark, but cherries, especially the Stevnsbær variety, thrive in southern Denmark and are precisely the basis for the wine production at Frederiksdal manor. Production draws on wine and port production methods from other regions of Europe, but the unique raw ingredient has also demanded its very own set of wine production processes. The end result is a range of Frederiksdal wines that provide worthy alternatives to established red wines and quality ports and which have received rave reviews.

Relecting quality wine

Wunsch has now begun the task of creating a visual identity that reflects the premium quality wine. The goal is to create a special Nordic look in a wine universe devoid of special Danish traditions when it comes to wine labels, bottles, colours and image universe.




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