The man at the stone oven

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Il Fornaio is a genuine Italian success story far from the mother country. The famous Italian restaurant Era Ora in Copenhagen imported a baker’s assistant from Perugia and began baking their own Italian bread – made with specially imported flour and baked in a stone oven – for their guests. Soon, the restaurant sent for more bakers and in 1988, the company Il Fornaio was born. Today, more than 20 bakers are employed in Denmark’s first and only 100% Italian stone oven bakery.

Selected specialist products

Since 2014, Wunsch has been responsible for Il Fornaio’s overall design. The first task involved a rebranding process that resulted in a completely new website, new shop materials and not least a more consistent packaging design to include a growing product range. The Italian DNA manifests itself in a number of ways. The typography draws inspiration from Italian Art Deco design, which is still prevalent in many parts of Italy. Much focus has been given to explaining product history and place of origin, and both the website and each item of packaging feature black/white images of Il Fornaio’s bakers and producers. With Il Fornaio, you can be sure you are holding a small piece of genuine Italy. Italian bread is supplemented by a wide range of selected specialist products, all of which are hand-picked from local Italian farmers and producers.


Il Fornaio


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