From field to table

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Wunsch is proud to have collaborated on developing the manor’s identity and packaging design from the very outset. Over the years, the goal has been to establish and develop a simple, credible design highlighting nature, animals and products often mixed with elements from the world of gastronomy. Most recently, the manor has extended its product offering to include flour and grain products. Here, once again, we have focused on a simple, credible design. on organic ingredients, natural flavours and new taste sensations.

Most Danes with an interest in ecology and gastronomy are by now familiar with Knuthenlund. Since 2009, the manor has focused its efforts on producing premium quality farm products by ensuring the best possible farming, livestock and working conditions. Knuthenlund goes far beyond the basic principles of organic production. The herbs and vegetables grown in the fields and the rare livestock breeds are just some of the initiatives Knuthenlund has implemented to ensure an extraordinary taste experience. Knuthenlund’s products are justifiably used by top restaurants catering to guests from Denmark and abroad.




Packaging, corporate identity


Creative Circle Gold Award 2016 – packaging design
Favourite Design Annual Book 2017 – featured