Redesigning a classic

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Kornkammeret has been around since 1989 and over the years has become an established brand for consumers interested in organic flour and corn products. The past ten years has seen a sharp rise in rival organic brands – a fact which has not gone unnoticed at Kornkammeret. The time had come to take steps to ensure that the brand stood out from its many organic competitors.

New packaging was one obvious solution. Wunsch developed an entirely new brand design based on the old Drabæk Mill, which was once used in the company’s corn production. An outline of the mill is now featured on each packaging. Used as a window, the mill offers a distinctive packaging appearance and a dynamic variation throughout the entire product range – just like in a real mill which grinds wheat one day – and rye the next. In this way, the name remains strong and pertinent in a highly competitive market.




Packaging design