Back to the Middle Ages

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Mariager Sydesalt is derived from 250 million-year-old sea salt deposits found in a subterranean salt diapir near Hobro. The salt is seethed by hand using methods dating back to the Middle Ages: the salt brine is poured into open iron pans and then heated over an open flame. As the water evaporates, salt crystals form on the surface. The salt is an all-natural product packed with minerals.

Wunsch developed a complete identity for the brand, including logo, communication and a comprehensive packaging line consisting of products destined for the retail and specialist shop markets in Denmark and Germany, respectively. The new logo shifts the focus away from the Mariager Saltcenter visitor centre to salt production itself, where everything is manufactured according to age-old principles using traditional methods. The new element together with the salt seething cabin forms the central design theme.


Mariager Sydesalt


Corporate identity, packaging


Creative Circle Award nomination 2016 – packaging design